Posters around Birley

After printing the posters, I went to the reception and asked permission for them to be put on the walls and here they are!

On the first floor by the wall..


What digital communication tools have you used this year?

Here is a list:


I use Twitter to check the latest news and to what is currently trending. I have my twitter trending setting on worldwide rather than the United Kingdom as I want to see what is going on around the world. It is also a good tool to use to raise awareness. An example of this is the Baltimore riots (#Baltimoreriots). News organisations are not covering the riots so individuals are tweeting videos using the hashtag to tell people across the word about the reality of the situation


My friends convinced me to download Snapchat and the rest is history. I have used Snapchat for almost 2 years and I thoroughly enjoy using it. You add friends via usernames, which I find safe as it gives the user an option on whether they want to accept the request or not. Additionally,  Some celebrities have given their Snapchat usernames so fans can add them which is a really nice touch for those who are interested in their lives.

One user I particularly enjoy watching on Snapchat Stories is ‘The Verge’. The Verge keeps users updated on the new and upcoming technology. They ‘Snap-chatted’ the new technologies that are found in fridges and freezers, advancements in 3D printers and new laptops.


I use Instagram on a daily basis, I enjoy using it and I think it’s a great tool to form many networks with other individuals, businesses and artists.  To elaborate on the businesses and artists point, I use Instagram to contact cupcake companies and make-up artists. A simple direct message can solve my problems.

Instagram also gives the opportunity to share special moments with friends and family. I keep Instagram as a personal timeline of events, it’s nice to look back on videos and photos from a year or two ago.


My Facebook usage hasn’t been very high this year as I keep activating and deactivating. I feel like I am missing out on something by not being on Facebook and seeing what the latest ‘gossip’ is and seeing what people are up to. In my opinion, Facebook is mainly about satisfying one’s curiosity and is one of the main reasons why some individuals can’t let go of it. However, I deleted my Facebook as I did not want to keep activating and deactivating neither did I want to keep my Facebook. I don’t think I will make another Facebook account in the future.


I installed YikYak a month ago to see why it was becoming popular and to see why people use it. After downloading it, I scrolled through the ‘yaks’ in my area and it was interesting to see what people were Yakking. There were yaks about different people. One user yakked about how one student is always falling asleep and another user yakked about the speeds of the Wi-fi. However, some individuals take advantage of the anonymity and decided to slate other individuals. I guess that’s one of the negative sides of the internet unfortunately.


Periscope is a new live streaming Twitter application and it provides individuals the opportunity to broadcast live streams. 1  million users have already signed up to Periscope in the first 10 days.

I decided to try Periscope as there were many sports journalists on my Twitter timeline posting streaming links. So I downloaded the application and I connected to the live streams and it was nice to see behind the scenes footage of press conferences and to hear the discussions that took place. I think it’s a good app to have and you can use it for many things such as sports, technology, and live events. I recommend Twitter Users to try it out!


WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service that provides a platform for users to send instant messages without having to pay for a text message or an ‘SMS’. I use WhatsApp on a daily basis as I need to communicate with my friends and family.

WhatsApp is a very good tool to use when communicating with individuals as it not only provides an instant messaging service,  but it also enables individuals to communicate via WiFi or a cellular data connection. So if there was a crisis, weddings etc.. individuals can be informed within a minute.

The introduction of WhatsApp web is a very good addition as people who may not have their phones present with them can access their laptop and still send messages. For WhatsApp to provide that option shows you where communication is at and how it’s evolving all the time. However, with so many mechanisms of communication you do not have an excuse for ignoring someone!


As time has passed, my use of Youtube has decreased. This could be due to University and being in my 3rd year. I use Youtube mainly for technological purposes involving phone, laptop and electronic car releases. I have a passion for technology and I love looking at the specifications of phones and laptops and comparing them with others. I love looking and testing new software and Wi-Fi speeds. It may not matter to some people but it matters to me and I enjoy watching videos on this. When I am in town, I always make sure that I pop into a phone store to check out the latest phones and advise people on which one is the best to buy. Recently, I went to the PC World store and I spent approximately 2 hours in there as there were many technological devices to mess with. I love it! When my assignments are handed in I plan to catch up on the tech world and to try out new technology in stores.

New Poster

This is an update on the new poster….

I decided to change the software I was using for my poster from Microsoft Publisher to Canva. Canva is a great website to use when making posters. It is easy, quick and there are some very nice templates to use. I decided to use this template as I saw the background picture of students and found it suitable for the campaign. I showed the poster to my fellow students in the group and they thought it looked nice.

Say No To Student Loneliness'Hi' is the

Student Loneliness

Student Loneliness is very common at university although it may go unnoticed, as University is often associated with ‘having the time of your life’. However, some students experience the opposite and hide themselves away. You could argue that the majority  of the students being surrounded by people of similar age would have plenty in common, this may not be the case as some students may feel awkward and unhappy.

Loneliness at University is common among first-year students which are not surprising as some may be leaving home as they  miss their friends and family. Additionally, work patterns could change, living in a new apartment is seen as daunting.  All the factors mentioned can lead to social insecurities that may lead to a lack of a confidence as the students may not know what to do or who to be.

The quote below (from University of Dundee)  describes student loneliness

Loneliness resembles entering a hall of mirrors and seeing the familiar as something that’s made painful and scary. It’s also like looking at a distant table – out of reach and piled high with delicious food – and feeling that in your hunger you could quaff everything in sight, forgetting all the while that you don’t require that much to sate your appetite… when we are lonely we don’t actually need much in the way of company to banish the feeling… that’s why pets play such an important role in our lives, and yet the feeling can be so insistent that it seems like our life needs to be changed out of all recognition if we are to feel less lonely.’

I stumbled across the following points on the University of Cambridge website

Loneliness is common at university for many reasons including:

  • ‘you are away from friends and family
  • it may be the first time in years – maybe even since primary school – when you have had to ‘start from scratch’ making new friends
  • you may be missing old friends and finding it hard to replace them – or perhaps even a bit reluctant to replace them with substitutes
  • you may have high expectations of the university as a place where you will make friends for life, and be disappointed in the people you initially meet
  • you may have a long distance relationship and feel torn between social life here and elsewhere
  • you may be anxious about work and feel in conflict about spending time on social activities’

Student loneliness is something that occurs without anyone noticing, it is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed and noticed. Which is why I have decided to conduct a campaign on student loneliness. 

Everyone needs a friend!

Hygiene campaign

As part of our communication activism and social change unit, we were asked to evaluate a campaign so her goes: I decided to cover the

I decided to cover the ‘Hand Hygiene’ Campaign, the main aim of the  campaign is  to reduce the spread of germs and decrease the likelihood of infection.  I accessed the website via this link, and could not find how the actual campaign was presented and when it  was launched.  So I searched the internet to find out more information and came across the campaign which was titled, ‘give soap a chance’. The slogan  ‘Give Soap A Chance’ is very memorable, and despite it being a mere four words, it is still effective and catchy. For a campaign to become successful, it needs to be clear and convincing and this campaign certainly did that with the slogan. However, I found the colour choice to be bizarre as black and a light purple is not very appealing and the colours are not associated with germs. Personally, I would have used green as green is often associated with germs. However, the positives about the campaign are  that it is very clear and simple in what it was trying to do, which was to reduce germs and reduce the chances of infections.

The information was accompanied by a video, which was very informative as it showed how to wash your hands properly. On the other hand, if the campaign was used in an educational institute it would have been better to turn the video into a cartoon rather so it applies to children more. However, applying this campaign to many audiences is one of the many reasons why the campaign was a success. The campaign has attracted businesses such as Sainsbury’s and Comet (which has now gone into administration) and children in schools by providing educational packs which meet the national curriculum. The campaign also included a  certificate as a good incentive to encourage children to wash their hands and is a good incentive  reward them for washing their hands. The campaign also applied to Carers and those who have come to visit their families and friends in the hospital.

Campaign bench marks/strategies

In our one of lectures, we covered the important aspects when doing a campaign and was also asked to complete campaign benchmarks. Firstly, I will cover the important aspects of a campaign and then I will cover my benchmarks

1. Getting people to care

If one commits to an issue, it shows/means that you care, people have got to care enough to affect change, see things as they are and also as they ought to be. People care because of the emotional commitments to something/some. The emotional commitments are perhaps the strongest form of caring.

The success of this depends on the critical maps of individuals where things start to have an effect- hence mobilization and solidarity between groups. Basically, giving a shit. For example, in the lecture there was a group discussion on University marks and how harsh the marking system is. This showed that the power of groups/solidarity makes a campaigning voice louder…not just an individual’s voice. You have to appeal to the values of the group and what is important to you. For example, ‘indignation’- the feeling one gets when he/she feels that the values are being trodden on, propelled people to campaign in, say, Spain, Italy. You have to consider if people’s values are being trodden on. do values need to change or substituted? Can an image carry a whole discourse?  In the lecture we were showed, An old couple holding hands in a field. The care depends on the ‘connection’ with someone/thing, for example, care more about the homeless or caring for your pet animal. You have to tap into emotional commitments, try to extend people’s care,i.e their circle of care. For example, care for all dogs not just your own or care for all your relatives abroad. Thereby, campaign to harness care. i.e influence people to care.

This is where activism comes in, and is moving from the state we’re in today, you have to consider what is a better/brighter future for the issue you have. Activism must improve things, you need to know your audience.

Who does it apply to?

whose values are you appealing to?

Who do you want to extend their care

The 4 factors to be worked out:-

Information to choose

The design of information

The network employed to get information across

Technology used to design information

Strategies for a successful campaign

  • Interruption – Questioning the dominant narrative. For example, our lecturer suggested that having motor care sounds in the old couples picture could suggest suicide. Interruption also refers to the disruption of usual strategies, being ‘wacky’ and succeeding with it. Delivering the punch line and getting the timing right.
  • Education- Shift of the dominant narrative, get people to understand the issue in a new way
  • Coercion – Compel action by a force which usually involves challenging dominant narrative to reveal what has been concealed. It’s also important to consider the technology tools and media can be effective here.

Campaign examples

‘Black Cloud’

The Black cloud campaign  was used by the NWF in China, it was used to disrupt the existing patterns of thinking and challenge own assumptions using a striking graphic image to consider the growth of car use in China. This was shown by an inflating black balloon/cloud, it showed the visualisation of car emissions, the text was trying to say that not driving for one day keeps CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. I liked this campaign because it disrupted people’s views and their understandings of the air and the car connection between the black bubble contain fumes. Hence the making of the ‘normally visible, visible’. It makes one want to make a difference and see the difference. Again, giving a shit.

Re Coercion

Coercion attempts to influence people directly opposed to a position …to people unlikely to change an approach. for example, the expenses for parliamentarians, they are not prepared to foot the bill for expenses, and the attempts to change this failed. Hence, the name and shame campaign (coercive) and threatening legal and financial repercussions, The campaign on expenses used visualisation- MP’s faces in ‘Pie’ chart.

Green peace 

The Green peace campaign (also in one of my previous blogs) started out with photogrophers spotting an Artic bird (dead) and opened up that bird (Don’t know why..) they noticed that the stomach was too full (This is where the emotional appeal comes in) the photos picked up by Greenpeace who added the caption ‘How to starve to death on a full stomach. It highlighted littering in the sea and how plastics are polluting the sea and what it’s doing to the planet. The moral claim was.. what are you going to do about it ? do you care…?


Campaign: Try and reduce student loneliness (Campaign to take place at University building)

What’s your aim?
• Reduce the amount of students being lonely
• The figures of student loneliness are quite surprising
• To try and get more individuals to spot loneliness and try and integrate them into their groups and make them feel happier.
• Putting up posters at Universities, showing everyone our Facebook Page and Youtube Video

Student loneliness is a serious matter, students tend to have this perception that university is the time of your life and how it will be an exciting period, and not really told about the negatives or perceived negatives

  • What’s your benchmark?
    To try and see how much awareness we can raise and see if it makes a change to students lives
    Who will get you there? (Who is the audience?)
  • Students
    • What audience will create more change? Vocal students and possibly lecturers

How are you going to do it?
I want to campaign  at the university distributing posters and having free food available and telling students at the universities about loneliness while distributing posters. Additionally, encouraging students to tweet a sentence using the hashtag #saynottostudentloneliess

Aversion therapy?
Emotional appeal via the Youtube video, or ask students to participate in the hashtag with a selfie on how loneliness should be described.

Tweeting with the hashtag #saynotostudentloneliness

A student loneliness poster will be distributed

Moral appeal: Try and help your fellow students as it can go a long way, we are all students so we know what student life can be like.
How will you implement the design?

Designing posters by  Microsoft Publisher
Using networks; Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube