Posters around Birley

After printing the posters, I went to the reception and asked permission for them to be put on the walls and here they are!

On the first floor by the wall..


3 thoughts on “Posters around Birley

  1. Is that all you had to do, ask at reception? Though our deadline has passed, I still want my campaign to keep going, I might ask to put my posters up too..I wanted them up in schools but they’re just sitting online at the moment and I really want people to see them in person too. Where abouts are yours?

    I like your posters and the hashtag! well done.


    1. Yeah just go to the reception and they’ll call someone to put them up, they need ask permission from a manager but they’ll still put them up. I’ve given your posters to people to spread them out! Hopefully it’ll spread..
      And thank you..

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