What digital communication tools have you used this year?

Here is a list:


I use Twitter to check the latest news and to what is currently trending. I have my twitter trending setting on worldwide rather than the United Kingdom as I want to see what is going on around the world. It is also a good tool to use to raise awareness. An example of this is the Baltimore riots (#Baltimoreriots). News organisations are not covering the riots so individuals are tweeting videos using the hashtag to tell people across the word about the reality of the situation


My friends convinced me to download Snapchat and the rest is history. I have used Snapchat for almost 2 years and I thoroughly enjoy using it. You add friends via usernames, which I find safe as it gives the user an option on whether they want to accept the request or not. Additionally,  Some celebrities have given their Snapchat usernames so fans can add them which is a really nice touch for those who are interested in their lives.

One user I particularly enjoy watching on Snapchat Stories is ‘The Verge’. The Verge keeps users updated on the new and upcoming technology. They ‘Snap-chatted’ the new technologies that are found in fridges and freezers, advancements in 3D printers and new laptops.


I use Instagram on a daily basis, I enjoy using it and I think it’s a great tool to form many networks with other individuals, businesses and artists.  To elaborate on the businesses and artists point, I use Instagram to contact cupcake companies and make-up artists. A simple direct message can solve my problems.

Instagram also gives the opportunity to share special moments with friends and family. I keep Instagram as a personal timeline of events, it’s nice to look back on videos and photos from a year or two ago.


My Facebook usage hasn’t been very high this year as I keep activating and deactivating. I feel like I am missing out on something by not being on Facebook and seeing what the latest ‘gossip’ is and seeing what people are up to. In my opinion, Facebook is mainly about satisfying one’s curiosity and is one of the main reasons why some individuals can’t let go of it. However, I deleted my Facebook as I did not want to keep activating and deactivating neither did I want to keep my Facebook. I don’t think I will make another Facebook account in the future.


I installed YikYak a month ago to see why it was becoming popular and to see why people use it. After downloading it, I scrolled through the ‘yaks’ in my area and it was interesting to see what people were Yakking. There were yaks about different people. One user yakked about how one student is always falling asleep and another user yakked about the speeds of the Wi-fi. However, some individuals take advantage of the anonymity and decided to slate other individuals. I guess that’s one of the negative sides of the internet unfortunately.


Periscope is a new live streaming Twitter application and it provides individuals the opportunity to broadcast live streams. 1  million users have already signed up to Periscope in the first 10 days.

I decided to try Periscope as there were many sports journalists on my Twitter timeline posting streaming links. So I downloaded the application and I connected to the live streams and it was nice to see behind the scenes footage of press conferences and to hear the discussions that took place. I think it’s a good app to have and you can use it for many things such as sports, technology, and live events. I recommend Twitter Users to try it out!


WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service that provides a platform for users to send instant messages without having to pay for a text message or an ‘SMS’. I use WhatsApp on a daily basis as I need to communicate with my friends and family.

WhatsApp is a very good tool to use when communicating with individuals as it not only provides an instant messaging service,  but it also enables individuals to communicate via WiFi or a cellular data connection. So if there was a crisis, weddings etc.. individuals can be informed within a minute.

The introduction of WhatsApp web is a very good addition as people who may not have their phones present with them can access their laptop and still send messages. For WhatsApp to provide that option shows you where communication is at and how it’s evolving all the time. However, with so many mechanisms of communication you do not have an excuse for ignoring someone!


As time has passed, my use of Youtube has decreased. This could be due to University and being in my 3rd year. I use Youtube mainly for technological purposes involving phone, laptop and electronic car releases. I have a passion for technology and I love looking at the specifications of phones and laptops and comparing them with others. I love looking and testing new software and Wi-Fi speeds. It may not matter to some people but it matters to me and I enjoy watching videos on this. When I am in town, I always make sure that I pop into a phone store to check out the latest phones and advise people on which one is the best to buy. Recently, I went to the PC World store and I spent approximately 2 hours in there as there were many technological devices to mess with. I love it! When my assignments are handed in I plan to catch up on the tech world and to try out new technology in stores.


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