As part of our campaign for student loneliness, we decided to create a forum to try and encourage students to join and tell us their stories on being lonely at university and see if we could help. The reasons  for creating a forum was that it would be easy for students to use  and forums are popular amongst students as shown on ‘The Student Room’  forum and thought it would be best to create one ourselves.  So we conducted a simple search on Google with the words ‘create a forum’  and found a  website which enabled us to create a forum for free. So we signed up and created the forum and edited the headings and took the URL generated and decided to put it on our Facebook Page, Poster and Youtube video.

The link to the forum –

Upon reflection, we  have decided not to go ahead with promoting the forum because it would be very difficult to maintain if students were to sign up. Furthermore, we have enough tools to promote our campaign and to prompt social change. The tools involved are Twitter and the hashtag (saynottostudentloneliness), a Facebook Page, two posters and a Youtube video.  It is a shame that the forum will no longer be included in the campaign as it could have been a great tool for students to express themselves and seek advice from students rather than turning to counselling or a psychologist. However, it’s better to realise the problems  now as opposed to when the campaign was done and realising the mistakes after.


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