Hygiene campaign

As part of our communication activism and social change unit, we were asked to evaluate a campaign so her goes: I decided to cover the

I decided to cover the ‘Hand Hygiene’ Campaign, the main aim of the  campaign is  to reduce the spread of germs and decrease the likelihood of infection.  I accessed the website via this link, and could not find how the actual campaign was presented and when it  was launched.  So I searched the internet to find out more information and came across the campaign which was titled, ‘give soap a chance’. The slogan  ‘Give Soap A Chance’ is very memorable, and despite it being a mere four words, it is still effective and catchy. For a campaign to become successful, it needs to be clear and convincing and this campaign certainly did that with the slogan. However, I found the colour choice to be bizarre as black and a light purple is not very appealing and the colours are not associated with germs. Personally, I would have used green as green is often associated with germs. However, the positives about the campaign are  that it is very clear and simple in what it was trying to do, which was to reduce germs and reduce the chances of infections.

The information was accompanied by a video, which was very informative as it showed how to wash your hands properly. On the other hand, if the campaign was used in an educational institute it would have been better to turn the video into a cartoon rather so it applies to children more. However, applying this campaign to many audiences is one of the many reasons why the campaign was a success. The campaign has attracted businesses such as Sainsbury’s and Comet (which has now gone into administration) and children in schools by providing educational packs which meet the national curriculum. The campaign also included a  certificate as a good incentive to encourage children to wash their hands and is a good incentive  reward them for washing their hands. The campaign also applied to Carers and those who have come to visit their families and friends in the hospital.


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