#TheHomelessPeriod-Campaign to help homeless women

I was searching for campaigns online and came across a homeless campaign to help women who are homeless have access to sanitary towels. I found this interesting and quite different as there is not much attention paid to homeless women needing sanitary towels. Personally, I have never thought of that before, like in Manchester I see homeless people on the street all the time and if I have money I always try and give it  because it can go a long way. However, homeless people are always associated with money or food, and this shouldn’t be the case as there are many other things we could do for them, like help them with personal hygiene. Give the people tissues, wipes, sanitary towels and shampoos and soap. We all have necessities, and they shouldn’t be ignored, we are all human and it is our responsibility to help fellow humans too.

Upon reading  on this campaign I realised that The Government gives allowances to homeless shelters for contraception for males (condoms), I believe that The Government should provide sanitary towels to homeless women too. Furthermore, I think this is unfair as women have needs too, and should not have to use a cloth as a substitute. It upsets me as it must be uncomfortable for the women, and it may also make them feel them embarrassed too and some resort to thieving sanitary towels. Every time I see a homeless woman I am going to make sure that I donate a pack of sanitary towels and I urge you to do the same. There is a petition to where  you can sign on this website here


I  also searched the campaign hashtag #Thehomelessperiod and it’s had a good response from people and news organisations such as Al-Jazeera, I urge you all to contribute and let’s make a difference together as this something that needs to be addressed, if condoms are free and accessible to the homeless men then it should also be free and accessible to the women.

stealing camp

Ask yourself this question and please make a difference

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