You are not alone

Human beings want social interaction, we interact with human beings every day in different forms; friendships, relationships, acquaintances, and at educational institutions. Loneliness derives from not having any social contact or a lack of social contact. Or you could have many social contacts, be in an active relationship but still feel lonely.

Loneliness can have a negative  impact on the mental health of a human being and can lead to anxiety and depression. Furthermore, loneliness can lead to a lack of confidence which subsequently leads to a lack of appetite, avoid leaving the house and avoiding social contact altogether. Loneliness can lead to people creating barriers and hide themselves away from the world.

‘Loneliness, for me, is a side effect of the barriers I’ve put up over the years to protect myself from the world, and the world from me’- anonymous

Despite the crowds of people, students feel lonely at university the famous saying is ‘lonely in a crowd’. It’s important that students are told how to combat loneliness, instead of being expected to do things as self-esteem is low which can lead to students being confused, so receiving advice may lead to a turnaround in fortunes for the student.

I searched for some statistics and I was actually quite shocked about how high the percentage was, a recent study by M. Barker, D. Clarke and T. Cox (date not given)  showed that loneliness is a problem for 17% of students in higher education, in relation to university, that is approximately 1700 per 10000.  It’s quite upsetting that the figures are quite high or higher than I expected. It makes me happy to know that I am doing a campaign on student loneliness, especially being a student myself as it makes it more personal.  It will be quite rewarding if I could help someone who feels lonely and make a change to their student life.

Maybe all it takes is to tell students that ‘you are not alone’…

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