What do you share on the web and why?

Even though I use the internet a lot, I don’t share much information about myself online. I don’t feel comfortable with posting personal tweets, or post a status  on Facebook  about what I’m eating. The only social media  platform I am most personal with is probably Instagram where I have my friends on it and my cat (of course..). I don’t really tweet personal stuff, I tweet about football and re-tweet tweets that I am particularly passionate about such as issues in Social Care. This includes topics such as Mental health and physical and learning disabilities.

All my social media sites are private, there’s nothing I have to hide in fact, I don’t really know why I put my social media sites on private, it’s something I need to change as I want to interact with others on Twitter, but then I remember that my Twitter needs to be made public so I leave it. It could be a fear of worrying what other people may think of your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook profile. Since drafting this blog, I have deleted my Facebook permanently, not deactivate as you can access the information again. I was made aware from Facebook that I would have all my information and statuses, pictures etc.. deleted and I did not seem to care about it. Facebook is something I do not need, if you asked me this 6 years ago I would have told you the total opposite but I guess people grow out of things. Same applies to Twitter, although I use it for football purposes I am that stage where Snapchat and Instagram are enough for me and Twitter is not needed. I find Twitter amazing and I think the use of the hashtag is very clever. However, there was a time when I never used Twitter and I was fine without it. I created Twitter in 2009 and only started to use it to find out transfer news regarding a football player that was joining the team I support (Surprise, surprise). I have entered the ‘ I dislike Twitter’ phase again and I guess this time deactivation could be permanent. I will use it for campaign purposes as it is a really good tool when promoting your campaign.

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