Sleep is very important as it helps towards healthy brain functioning and emotional well-being, yet there are  millions of people  around the world who do not get enough sleep and many suffer from lack of sleep. It is recommended by doctors to sleep for 6-8 hours per night, as our body is built to sleep for 16 hours.

Sleeping for me is very difficult, I probably sleep for about 4/5 hours per night.  However, this has been happening before University, so I don’t see University as being the reason. I have visited my GP about the problem and have been offered medication to help me sleep at night, However, I do not want to rely on medication so I have considered other methods such as switching my phone off at night. However,  I realise that I have no alarm for the 9 am lectures so I have no choice but to leave my phone switched on. However, I don’t suffer from a lack of sleep due to the fact that I may use my mobile phone at night, as I try to sleep first and if I can’t sleep then I tend to use my mobile phone to communicate with other people who can’t sleep either via SMS or Twitter. However, It has changed slightly, over the past few weeks as I find myself sleeping a lot easier in my 3rd year of University than any of the previous years. This could be due to the workload and subsequently feeling tired trying to keep on top of it all. For those who struggle to sleep at night, I have posted a link below

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