Who is Salaam Pax?- Task for portfolio

Salaam Pax is a world-wide famous blogger, who  wanted to send messages to his friend ‘Raeed’. Thus created a blog in his name, naming it ‘Where is Raed’, he wanted to contact his friend from Jordan and they would normally email. However, Raed was not responding. Salaam would use the blog about normal events that would happen in life.  He would also blog things like ‘that girl got married…’. However, during the conflict under the regime in 2003. Pax could have faced serious consequences for what he posted in his blog but still went ahead and documented the events. Under the regime, internet was constantly interrupted and making phone calls was restricted for the citizens in Iraq. However, Pax decided to use a pen and paper to start documenting events in a diary. He did this every day and used his networks  (Blogger in New York) to send his diary over and have it posted on blogger’s platforms. Through doing this, he became one of the most famous bloggers in the world as he received an increasing amount of media attention. He was one of the first people to have a blog that impacted such a wide audience.

Salaam Pax is significant as he gave a real life representation in a blog form of what was happening during the conflict, even though the regime placed limits on internet use. The citizens in Iraq  felt powerless, and Pax gave them a voice. He utilised the tools available to him to provide the true representation of the conflict. From having 20 hits a day, it vastly reached 3000 hits per day showing that his messages were spreading all around the world. Salaam Pax’s bravery must be admired as he could have faced jail time for what he posted and he still went ahead with it.

Link used http://www.theguardian.com/world/2003/sep/09/iraq.biography

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