Net Neurality

Net Neutrality is the notion that governments and internet service providers should treat data services, traffic of data among users equally. Net  Neutrality activists wants to ensure that users have the same data speeds when watching online videos, such as YouTube and Netflix. Big data  (ISP’s if you like..) companies such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast and others (UK too) want to manage internet access and charge the user based on what they used. For example, they would charge extra for watching Hulu or Netflix. In terms of managing internet access, companies such AT&T could have the power to block services like Google  Maps and charge for their own. Companies such as eBay inc. are in support of net neutrality and have filtered their forums in support.

The best description (in the video) for Net Neurality would be using water to wash clothes but being charged extra for using water to make a cup of coffee. I find this is unfair as internet usage should cover many areas without having the need to charge extra. If companies increase their power, accessing content could be almost impossible which could reduce freedom of speech and decrease the idea of an open-internet. Not having an open internet could prevent individuals from innovating and spreading messages  Applying this to a campaign activist perspective, the idea of net neutrality is important as it enables campaign activists to spread their message and use the internet to aid their campaigns. Without net neutrality, campaign activists could find it difficult as they would not have  the option of freedom of speech if they ever needed it.

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