Culture Jamming

Mediated experiences are not necessarily a bad thing… representations, whether pictures, TV, images, words/stories of others etc..shape the lives of all us today

The social construction of reality could be in relation to the fusion of reality with perceptions and conceptions, i.e shaping reactions/. What we see/the way we understand, so what we see is shaped by the response, is this a better response to the construction of reality?. Personally, I find this very interesting and it’s a fun way to raise awareness about an issue.

Culture Jamming 

All about the media can be used to shape perceptions, people have to be encouraged to change,  I suggest that you ‘google ‘ culture jamming and consider the images on there.

Culture Jamming was inspired by a New York rock band named ‘Negative land’ in 1984. Culture Jamming could be seen as subversive art where images are used to see the subverted. For example, E.g weight gaining (McD) or the ‘Enjoy capitalism’ (Coke)

culture jamming weight gain

Culture jamming could be seen as a parody or a ‘strategy to turn corporate power against itself’ – John Peretti

This could involve 3 factors

Offline movements occurred throughout the 1990’s

  • Culture jamming was used  to send a message against (Racist) Billboards
  • In London,  there were corrections made corrections to billboards

Culture jamming (CJ) extended to the online world, for example, Robbie Conal’s ”Art Attack”

CJ was also used as a subversion of consumerist messages, for example, Adbusters, which is an interesting way of subverting advertisements. Adbusters involved working to subvert media messages by using current representations to change the meaning, e,g ‘Yes Mens’  Campaign/ad“>Pia Savoie conducted a public dialogue between images produced and image users, she talked about the long history behind CJ.

Is CJ a useful technique?.. If you want to ‘Culture Jam’ I advise you to include three things:

  • Edginess
  • Arresting (grabs attention)
  • Don’t take things for granted

When Culture Jamming, ‘Pranksterism’ is at the heart of media as it makes a mockery of conventional society. Governments have taken messages/meanings of young people and sell/send it back to them. For example, The Johan Soderberg (2002) video ‘Read my lips’ involved a voiceover or Cassetteboy- Cameron’s conference rap

You might use Culture Jamming for campaigns to try and catch people’s attention and play on words might make people think. For example, I made a poster on student debt which can be seen here, and instead of education I put ‘eduflation’  suggesting that education is inflated.

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