How to get your message across

Creative Campaigns to create awarenss- poster campiagns, blog posts, video and films

Use of media in social change

Using ‘gimp’ as a professional image manipulation programme,  for example, mashups- taking one thing and superimposing something onto it.  Campaigns that involve mash-ups commonly used stark lettering, the font used is carefully considered, include  voice-overs (not all the time) stark and uncluttered screen, sombre  music and rhythm  and normally includes a petitionvisual

Visual Persuasion – making campaigns effective

Words can also  be (almost) visual

How do you tell your story effectively?

How do you compete with other stories

Best way to frame a campaign is to think about it in story terms… for example, violent dogs may be used to increase owners sense of being a man,  a short story could pull out these issues.

A visual wrapped up in a video can make a campaign even more powerful. For example, digital splash it media uses words and visual, to create a picture superiority effect- superior for retention of information.

Tell the audience what you are going to tell..

Tell them what you have told…

A campaign needs to be

  • Clear
  • Compelling
  • Convincing

An example of this was the abolition of Slavery Campaign

in 1789, in parliament..forceful words were used, engraving was commissioned, the key element in the campaign against slavery was the first poster to have an effect.

The poster used gave a visualisation of the ‘facts of the story’

Am I not a man and a brother- this represented perseverance of human dignity.

There were 2 functions of images:

  • Presentation of Information i.e objective descriptions of facts


  • Subjective depiction of ideas

Techniques- use of which must be clear, compelling, and convincing

Rational Arguments

E.g, against slavery might look at the economic conditions, the benefits of slavery vs the costs. The inequality faced within the times of slavery too.

Moral Appeal

Telling the target audience that they are good people and the right thing to do was to side with their campaign, the main objective is to appeal to the moral sense of the individual. For example, harming animals, so may target pet owners?

Emotional Appeal.

This is used to exploit emotions, the ‘i’ll make you cry’ approach, or producing a sense of outrage, to convince the audience to support their campaigns

The ‘Be Share aware’ NSPCCC video, where animation was used to make the message more friendly as it applied to youth.

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  1. Looks like you’re getting those drafts up here Zara which is fine – but try to weave the notes into stories which are better for the reader and, ultimately, for you.


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