The Suicide experiment (Fousey Tube video) 

Came across this video on YouTube called ‘The suicide experiment’ by a famous video blogger under the name ‘Fousey’ and he wanted to raise awareness about suicide and show the compassionate side of people. So, him and his friend decided to board a ‘cab/taxi’ and tell their drivers about their day, and when they reached their destination on the bridge they would try pretend to jump  off to see the reactions of their taxi/can drivers. Upon seeing the reactions, I felt quite emotional and it was nice to see the positive side to people. It left me speechless because many people around the world experience this every day, and we should try and help these people and raise awareness, and make a difference to their day.  Rather than driving past or taking pictures of an event. To actually try and actively help people. It’s an interesting video and I recommend watching it.

Note the music and the colouring of the facts that come up in the music

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