Why should have a mobile with you 24/7

Since the mobile phone’s introduction in 1985, it has gradually grown to be one of the most important objects in our lives.We rely on our mobile phones all the time, it is our safety net, our alarm, our only form of communication at times. To the point where we think, without a mobile phone, what would  we have?. Having a mobile phone with you is very important for the following reasons :

 For your own safety 

When you are out, especially if  you’re own it’s useful to have your mobile on you especially when you are walking home at night, applying this to myself I usually make sure I am on the phone to someone as it can be a safety net, for example, if anything was to happen the person on the other line would be aware of your whereabouts. Using a mobile for safety reasons is very important, especially for parents as they may want to know if you are safe while you are out. Texts such as ‘what time will you be back’ or ‘have you arrived yet’ ..and with a simple yes or no, confirms whether you are safe and gives them peace of mind. To assure anyone that you are safe could make a massive difference and a phone enables an individual to do that. Even tweeting from your mobile phone, for example, if you haven’t heard from your friend or family member they can check the last time you’ve tweeted. Especially with the location mechanism enabling you to share your location underneath  a which could be useful for criminal investigations incase someone goes missing  (Hopefully, it will never involve anyone reading this) but it is little things like that can go a long way. A simple post on Facebook saying ‘ I am safe’, helps a lot too and it’s done conveniently too, no need to carry a massive laptop, no need for Wi-Fi either  as we have 3G/4G.

Important phone calls

Having a mobile phone with you is important, especially when you are expecting a call, for example, from universities on results day to confirm whether the applicant has a place or not. Or finding out whether you have received a promotion, made redundant or receiving bad/good news in general

Right place right time 

When an event occurs, many pictures are taken of the event, and to post a picture on Twitter, now news reporters from the BBC or Sky News tweeting users asking them if they can use their picture. It shows that you were a credible witness at the time of an event.

Many other things…Communication abroad, flashlights and alarms

In the mornings, we use our phone as an alarm, so it wakes us up in the morning, you often hear the phrase ‘ my alarm didn’t go off’ we rely on it  wake us up, thus carrying out day to day activities. Phones are also replacing the use of a torch, with it’s built in flashlight too, which is used by many people including myself to find something under my bed or to check if my cat is outside. Another  useful feature for the mobile phone and why it may be important to keep on you is for communicating abroad, the time differences in different countries vary so it could be important that your phone is with you as relatives may want to make an announcement about something or simply tell you that they are safe.

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