How to increase your Twitter Following

Twitter is a very popular social media tool, there are over 8,000 tweets sent per second, showing how popular it has become. Many people who interact on Twitter may want to increase the amount of followers they have. There are many ways listed below:

Responding to Tweets

One of the many ways individuals can increase their Twitter following is to respond to tweets of similar topics. For example, responding, ‘favouriting’ and ‘retweeting’ tweets suggests that the individual shares similar interesting, thus leading to them following you. Another interesting way of gaining followers is by tweeting inspirational quotes, because people enjoy reading them, for example, the app  ‘Forismatic which has many inspirational quotes, sharing them will enable you to gain followers.

Buying followers

A very common method to increase the following count  is to buy followers, you could simply do that by clicking on this site, some may want to increase their Twitter followers as more followers brings more advertising. For example, nowadays you see many accounts which tweet links, them links lead to a page that has many advertisements leading to them gaining money! which is quite clever actually? A good way of gaining followers, is to target power tweeters, for example, those who have a big following on Twitter, interacting with them leads to them ‘retweeting’ you, subsequently leading to a lot of attention and  leading them to become more of aware of your profile, then eventually following you.


Tweeting during the ‘rush hour’ is between 10 am until 4pm, to be more precise, it is normally between 1-2pm every day, more interaction is likely with your followers.

Making use of Hasgtags

Utilising hashtags is a common way to interact on Twitter, such as  tweeting about Eastenders, you could use the hashtag #EElive, if others enjoy your view or agree with it, it leads to further interaction. Furthermore, hashtags are a really quick and easy way to see how many people agree with you. For example, if I am thinking about something that is trending on Twitter, and I click on it to see what other people are thinking, it’s nice to see that other people agree.

In addition to ulitisling hashtags, you could make  it impossible for people to not unfollow you,  you could do this by tweeting  high-quality stuff, being more resourceful, will help maintain the number of followers. For example, tweeting ‘PDF’ files that may useful for assignments.

In conclusion, I believe that wanting to increase your Twitter following is very positive as a it shows that you want to use this tool to interact with many people across the world.

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