What Google produces do you use and why do you use them?

There are many search engines available to us, such as ‘Bing!’, Yahoo, Ask.com (Ask Jeeves), but in my opinion Google is the best one out of all of them. Google helps find relevant information the easiest and quickest way. Products such as Google Scholar and Google books are very useful when it comes to educational purposes. Also,  Google is also very helpful in the fact it helps sync accounts together. For example, today I made a new Google account, and I wanted to also make a new Youtube account, However, because I was already signed in on Google Chrome as ‘chrome is part of Google’ I didn’t have to set anything up. All I had to do was click, ‘Create Youtube Channel’ and there you go!.

There are many google products such as :

Google drive – for storage purposes, which is very useful to save academic files and personal photos

Google maps- which has almost replaced the ‘sat-nav’ altogether as it is incorporated in digital devices, it is also cost effective as it is free to download, and it also helps reduce the chances that you will check your phone for ‘SMS’ or phone calls, as you don’t want to lose direction. I am thinking of doing a campaign on raising awareness of Mental Health, and using Google Maps would be very useful for directions as I would want to speak to community centres about the issue.

Google Chrome- Powerful web tool which is used every day by millions of people. An app for your digital device which is very useful to connect to on the go.

Google Translate- Google translate is very useful, as it enables verbal communication between individuals without knowing the same language. The new mechanism which plays sounds enables tourists or visitors to communicate with one another. For example, students from Malaysia came to the MMU university campus about a week ago, even though they could understand English very well. I used Google translate to communicate words back in Malaysian. Found this very useful as it enabled me have conversations in a different language, thus breaking down barriers.

Google books – A very useful tool to read books online, which I found useful for the first assignment in the communication unit.

I find all these tools very useful as I incorporate them in my daily life, Google products are becoming increasingly popular every day. There are many Google services that people do not know about. Here’s a useful article to read. P.S I didn’t know there would be about 180! .


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