Starving on a full stomach.


Greenpeace  targeted the drink Coca-cola for the consumption waste it produces, and how it harmful to many animals. In the campaign there were 212 pieces of rubbish that were fed to albatross along with fish caught by his/her mother.  The campaign was trying to portray that Humans dumping rubbish into the sea is not only killing oceans but also killing animals. As many birds mistake the waste for food, thus consuming plastic waste their stomach’s grow bigger, and cannot digest any food, thus literally starving on a full stomach.

The use of visual persuasion within the campaign was very effective, as words were hardly needed to describe what the campaign meant, as the words can also be (almost) visual.  The campaign used three arguments to make their campaign effective. The first one was the rational argument, the rational argument could be that the humans are throwing waste into the sea. The second one is the emotional appeal, with the fact that animals are dying, they used emotional appeal as it exploits emotions, it also wants to make you cry or produce a sense of outrage so individuals support the campaign. Lastly, it used a moral appeal in the campaign. Where they are trying to portray the message of  an innocent animal dying on the basis of humans being careless and selfish in the sense that they do not care about  the effects of throwing rubbish  into the sea which could harm animals. Trying to portray that humans have a duty to look after the earth, and care about the animals.
The campaign also promotes  that  we should look after the Earth and care more for animals . The campaign also uses image presentation on the right side.(objective description of ideas) and the left side  with the bird shows image representation (subjective depiction of our ideas) with the bird on the left.

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