My experience in ASDA- has technology reduced our reliance on humans?

I went to ASDA and did my shopping, and then when I got to the customer serving area, I realised that there were no cashiers at the till. I know they have them self-check out things but that’s for a separate area. I saw people serving themselves with nobody at the till!!.. I was a bit confused at first, and I only saw one cashier there, so I thought I’d go the cashier as I felt sad at the fact that there were 10 aisles and only one cashier was needed for that area. Made me think about how computer systems is leading to less jobs. Maybe in a couple of years time we won’t see any cashiers anymore and they might lose their jobs :(. It seemed like everyone was willing to use the computer systems to avoid human interaction too. I also stumbled across an article called ‘ is technology making less human’ 

Hope you all have a nice evening! 😀

image1 (2)

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