My story

When the authorities switched off the lights, it was apparent that no sleep would be achieved. If I asked my neighbor for a lamp, my story might not be believable, because he might think I’m drunk becaause I am an alcoholic, therefore, not trusting me with a lamp. No empathy from anyone. It’s time like these that I am grateful for being mortal, I thought about the  flavoured fuzzy feeling of being immortal through alcohol, along with ten tablets . It is no coincidence that the lights have gone off. A visual representation of my condition and life- very dark.  Suddenly, I thought about my food and maybe I added too much flavouring. However, I will never know, just like no one knows what am I going through. Walking around the house in the dark makes me feel kind of fuzzy, what is like to walk around in the dark?, no light at the end of the corridor,  epitomising the saying of ‘no light at the end of the tunnel’ but I guess no one cares. No empathy from anyone.  I wonder if anyone will know that I have not woken up.


Soon as the words light came up, I thought of ‘no electricity’ since austerity is a major issue within social care. Asking the neighbour for something and them not obliging is an issue in communities at the moment showing that no one in the community is willing to help. As soon as I thought of mortal, I thought of immortal. Since flavoured and fuzzy begins with the letter ‘F’ I wanted to put them together to add an effect. I also wanted to link the word coincidence with something the person was going through as it seemed fitting. Walking aroung with no light, matched the saying of ‘no light at the end of the tunnel’. I wanted to end it with a cliff hanger to make the story more interesting. Because I used the word empaythy I wanted to make the story sad and believable, maybe more realistic to what people are going through.