It gets better.1. The issue.

Both articles are similar in that they both created campaigns to spread the same messages. Both  websites offer support to young people and advise them that they are not alone.’It gets better today’ focuses not only on school life but also work and home life. So it offers support and advice to the applied location and how to deal with the difficulties faced in various locations not just in schools. 

The ‘It gets better today’ article gives more options in terms of requesting public speakers and the options to attend events to show that they’re not the only ones who are going through the same experience. The website is more formal and contains information on government policies, laws and publications, whereas the  ’it gets better’ project is more video based, but it portrays the same message in offering support.’ The tool of communication used in the the it gets better today campaign is through a website , which applies to not only youth but adults too as there is a tab called ‘Later life’. It also uses tools of publications and working within the parliament to advocate change. 

The ‘it gets better project’ uses a more informal approach where it offers the chance to purchase merchandise such as hoodies and the main tools used are social media such as Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and a Google account. The websites uses events as a form of participation. However, The ‘it gets better project’ encourages people to make videos as part of participating in the project and offers a tool of making a pledge to show support. 

The project identified that video making would be good way to target young people and a good way to reach out to young people in way that makes it easier for them to understand the messages but also making it more appealing rather than simply reading text. The project is more interactive in terms of making a video and making pledges. However, the website ‘it gets better today’  is more informative. 

The project and the website are both similar in the way that they share similar information as they both support LGBT individuals, They both use popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and websites. Therefore, making it easily accessible.


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