Amnesty anti-spyware app tells you if the government is watching you – CNET


Amnesty anti-spyware app tells you if the government is watching you – CNET


Chose this quote as it reminds me of a quote that I use a lot which is always look at the bright side and how things could be a lot worse. The quote conveys a powerful message in that it says to always look at the bright things such as a rainbow rather than the dark sides such as a thunderstorm. I think If everyone adopted this method the world could be a happier place :). ‘Try and find the light at the end of the tunnel’ ( OK, that was a bit deep 😂)

2. It gets better. Analysis

The campaign uses social media tools such as Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr and a Google account to raise awareness. The campaign shares information through various platforms. The many social media accounts used to spread information shows that it addresses different audiences. For example, some users  may not have a Twitter account but may have a Facebook account.

The Twitter account has 115,000 followers and the Facebook has 377,944 likes. However, it does not mean that the actual campaign is a success. We could also measure success based on how it has affected peoples lives. ‘Favorites’  on Twitter and ‘likes’ on Facebook can only be measured on raising awareness as ‘favouriting’ and ‘liking’ can only mean a user may agree with what’s posted but would it change their lives like a YouTube video could?.

If the aim of the campaign was to raise awareness then the campaign could be seen as a success there are so many likes and followers on Twitter. The regular use of Gif’s on Tumblr which have been ‘noted’ by many people, shows that the campaign has raised awareness across all platforms.

A good way to  measure the success of the campaign is to see where LGBT individuals would be without it. A lot of people were given hope because of the project, the campaign attracted well known celebrities from all genres which appeal to youth today. Such as Kesha (Musician) Ian Sommerhalder and Candice Accola (Actor and Actress) of the hit television series ‘The Vampire Diaries’, who are enormously influential on the youth today. Therefore, their support would massively help the individuals. Before the campaign started, if the creators were told their Youtube video would have over 5 million views and celebrities would join the campaign, they would deem it as successful. An aim of the project could be to inspire change, the use of celebrities is good step towards inspiring change. Change is definitely happening judging by the Twitter Tumblr, and Facebook profiles. There is a timeline on Facebook showing the change over the years. However, it does not show how the people within the project changed things over the years. 

The campaign can only be deemed successful based on what the objectives of the campaigns were, and if they’ve achieved their aims.